More Drivers Running Out Of Gas As They Accelerate Towards Econocrash

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More Drivers Running Out Of Gas As They Accelerate Towards Econocrashfrom cbs local: With gas prices pushing $4 a gallon, a lot of people are trying to stretch their dollar at the gas pump, but some of them are trying to stretch it a little too far. Since the beginning of March, AAA has seen an 18 percent increase in the number of roadside calls for people running out of gas. “I never put a lot in because I can’t afford to fill it up,” Leo Greek, a stranded motorist, said. He says he’s not even sure how much it would cost to fill up his truck these days because he hasn’t done it for a while. He gets only what he needs and today he underestimated. “It’s frustrating,” Greek said. “I can’t believe it has to be that expensive, but I know everybody’s going through it.” According to AAA, gas prices in the Pittsburgh area have gone up 26 cents per gallon in the last month. “Before it was more absentminded than anything else,” Jim Krebs with Brighton Service said. “But now, I believe that’s what it is. I believe people are like, ‘Man, I got to buy something else so I’m not going to put gas in the car. I should be able to make it,’ and they don’t.”

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Geez, its getting real out there…party's over in the USA

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    People just love to complain because every morning I see most cars with ONE (1) person (the sole passenger/driver)…all headed in more or less the same direction. With a little organization, those drivers could cut their gas bill in half (or less). Just sayin'…

  3. Mouser Avatar

    The Rothschild owned fractional reserve central banks around the world are promoting the present world economic crisis in order for Americans,
    Chinese and all the 193 Rothschild central bank infected countries to accept the coming proposal of the Rothschild owned IMF for a private fractional reserve gold backed global currency.

    Acceptance of the above private global currency will give a defacto one world government by the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Openheimers and a few other oligarch banking families. These private families are less than 00.01% of the world's population, they presently control 66% of the wealth of the world.

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