NATO tech expert gets seven-year jail sentence for data theft

from A German court Tuesday sentenced a former NATO employee to seven
years in jail for spying after the IT expert copied secret data in order
to sell it to a foreign intelligence service.

The 61-year-old man, identified only as Manfred K., had worked for
the transatlantic military alliance at the US airbase of Ramstein in
Germany but left his job after a dispute.

“The disclosure of the files would allow a potential enemy of NATO to
gain access to the secret network of NATO,” the court found.

It rejected the man’s claim that he had wanted to point out
security gaps when he copied the data and hid it on USB memory sticks in
his kitchen and basement last year.

The man copied passwords for NATO computer systems, server locations
and other information that would have enabled a cyber attack, the court
in the western city of Koblenz found.

The IT expert, who had worked for NATO for more than 30 years, copied
the data in March 2012 and failed in an attempt to obtain more in June
but left NATO shortly afterward.

He was been in detention since his arrest in August 2012.

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