New Buycott App Lets You Take Control Of Your Food Choices

from Buycott app lets you vote with your wallet in the supermarket. A new app scans
grocery barcodes and more for information about the brand’s parent
companies and where those companies spend their money.
Know which
companies support GMO and where their money is going

The app takes knowing where your food comes from further, telling you
not only what brand belongs to what company, but what that company does
with your dollars.

Here’s a concrete example. If GMO labeling is an issue that is important
to you, you can join two campaigns on
Buycott. The first is “Demand GMO Labeling.” If you join this campaign,
any time you scan a product from a company that donated more than
$150,000 to oppose GMO labeling in California, the app will tell you
that you’re avoiding buying products from that brand.

Currently, the government doesn’t require that any GMO information be
passed on to the consumer.
Big food corporations want it to stay that
way. Monsanto, for example, spends millions of dollars to keep GMO
information off of packaging. How much? Buycott will tell you.

Importantly, and promisingly, users can join campaigns (both for and
against) issues that they care about. The app keeps track of user input,
making it easy to shop for products that don’t conflict with your
beliefs. And this is what it is all about: knowing where your food comes
from and where the dollars that buy it go.

If initial reaction is any gauge then it would appear this is something
that consumers have been waiting for. There have been some negative user
reviews as Buycott has been struggling to deal with the traffic.
However, it’s worth keeping an eye on, just like your grocery basket.

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