new world next week – feb6

new world next week - feb6It’s a star-studded weekend at the colosseum that’s filled with terror drills, black ops & everyone’s favorite sports spectacle known as the Stupor Bowl. Join Corbett Report & Media Monarchy for the New World Next Week where they rip back the veil & expose the world stage for the shell game it is.

Story#1: Domestic Terror Drills &
the Rehearsal of Misfortune

FAA & NORAD to Control Airspace Around Super Bowl 44

Story#2: Police State Int’l: Threataganda Rising
Intel Chiefs ‘Certain’ Al-CIAda Will Stage Terror Soon

Story#3: 4 Arrested in ‘Louisiana Watergate’ Have Intel Links
Flashback: 4 Charged in Phone Scheme at Landrieu’s Office

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