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new world next week – jan28

new world next week - jan28Suspicious deaths, DARPA's DNA & the dangers of biofuels are the focus of this latest episode of the New World Next Week. James Corbett of CorbettReport.com & James Evan Pilato of MediaMonarchy.com give you the rundown on these stories, as well as the supplemental & contextual connections to help us make sense of what's really going on in this new world of disorder.

Story#1: Davos Security Head Found Dead Day Before Forum
Davos 2010: Soros Calls for Break-up of Big Banks

Story#2: Pentagon Wants 'Digital DNA' to Identify Hackers
'Cyber Genome Project' Kicked Off by DARPA
Richard Clarke Says There's an i9/11 & iPatriot Act

Story#3: 1/4 of US Grain Crops Fed to Cars - Not People
US Feeds 1/4 of Its Grain to Cars With Hunger on the Rise

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