the next pro-war democrat to fall

from op-ed news: Joe Lieberman’s sorry hide has been nailed to the wall, and there is rejoicing in the land (except from the lobbyists, pundits and political hacks who make up the permanent occupation force of Washington).

And while I am pleased to see a discredited, humiliated Lieberman forced to cast his lot in with his friends in the Republican Party, I won’t be completely convinced that the revolution is here until Hillary Clinton’s hide is nailed to the wall beside Joe’s.

The conventional wisdom is that Lieberman lost because he consistently supported the Bush administration on the Iraq war. But that isn’t the sole reason why Lieberman lost to Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Democratic Primary.

The Democratic Party’s big problem is that people like Clinton, who also supported the invasion of Iraq, are trying to change the subject now that things have gone horribly wrong.

Clinton, Joe Biden, John Edwards and John Kerry – to name four prominent Democratic Senators with presidential aspirations – all voted in October 2002 to authorize President Bush to invade Iraq.

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