NSA wiretap talking points

NSA wiretap talking points page 1NSA wiretap talking points page 2from raw story: The NSA has taken the unusual move of sending members of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee a list of “approved talking points” regarding its warrantless eavesdropping program…

Some of the talking points urge Senators to imply that they have personal knowledge of plots foiled by the wiretap program, or that the Senators–seven of whom responded by writing the NSA a letter blasting the move–had other personal knowledge that the program was legal or necessary.

“I have personally met the dedicated men and women of the NSA,” one point reads. “The country owes them an enormous debt of gratitude for their superb efforts to keep us all secure.”

“It has detected plots,” reads another, “that could have resulted in death or injury to Americans both at home and abroad.” No examples are given in the document.

The Senate voted earlier today to reject Democratic attempts to limit the use of the controversial wiretaps.

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