New World Next Week – Apr22

NLE 2010, Email Spying & Blogging = Terror*

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new world next week - apr22The New World Next Week – brought to you by James Corbett of & James Evan Pilato of – is the weekly video series that uncovers the subtext & gives you the context on some of the most important developments in alternative news & open source intelligence. This week:

Story#1: Why is FEMA Trying to Cover Up National Level Exercise 2010?
Related: How NY Officials Prepare for Threat of a Dirty Bomb
Flashback: Training Exercises on 9/11

Story#2: Yahoo Beats Feds in Email Privacy Battle
Related: Interview w/ Rebecca Jeschke of
Flashback: FCC Loses Net Neutrality Battle Against Comcast

Story#3: Internet Journalism Is ‘Sort Of Like Terrorism’
Related: What Americans Can Do to Discourage Future McVeighs
Flashback: The Death of Printaganda

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