nyc rejects ahmadinejad request to visit ground zero

(or, as the neocons will say, ‘why visit it here when we can bring ground zero to you?’)
nyc rejects ahmadinejad request to visit ground zerofrom press tv: New York City authorities have rejected Iranian president’s request to visit the site of the September 11 attacks on security grounds.

New York police deputy chief Paul Browne said that request to enter the fenced-in site was rejected because of ongoing construction there.

“Requests for the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit the World Trade Center area would also be opposed by the NYPD on security grounds,” Browne said.

Ahmadinejad is set to arrive in New York on Sunday to deliver his speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. This is Ahmadinejad’s third trip to New York since he took the office in 2005.

The US police and secret services are responsible to protect the world leaders during their stay in New York.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said earlier Wednesday that New York was reviewing Iranian president’s request, but later Brown announced that Kelly had misspoken. Kelly’s remarks angered some politicians.

All passengers can see the fenced-in site only from behind the fence.

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said Wednesday that an Ahmadinejad visit to ground zero “is a matter for the city of New York.”

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