obamessiah & the apostles of war: change-allelujah!

obama invokes jesus more often than bush*
obama invokes jesus more often than bushvideos: obama is god & great teacher*
obama in cairo: a bush in sheep’s clothing?*
obama’s french food tested by ‘taster’*
most arabs know obama’s big speech makes little difference*
feds search for man allegedly on ‘mission to kill the president’*
man with ‘eight registered firearms’ allegedly threatens obama*
US military technology easily shipped abroad: US audit*
obama selling military secrets to china for debt forgiveness?*
mudd’s name is mud: nominee pulls out as role at cia is studied*
sotomayor member of female version of bohemian grove*
scotus nominee sonia sotomayor breaks ankle*
20+ czars in 55 months of major government expansion*
obamaczars, hand puppets & evil despots*
microsoft exec may be obama’s cyber czar pick*
1st guantanamo detainee arrives in US*
1st guantanamo prisoner in US pleads not guilty*
small montana town wants to be the new gitmo*
ron paul talks foreign policy: new face, same policies*
cia urges judge to keep bush-era documents sealed*
yahoo nukes flickr over obama comments*
obama’s era of openness is closed*
jon voight calls obama ‘good actor’*
house votes against releasing torture photos*
cia chief says bin laden in pakistan*

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