obamessiah updates: north american union, townhall healthscare +

obama: north america needs ‘aggressive action’*
obama: north america needs 'aggressive action'towards a north american energy corridor*
canadian busdriver refuses US background check & wins*
dhs expands global trusted traveler program*
obama officials to tour michigan prison*
white house objects to use of obama girls in lunch ads*
ben stein: i was fired for criticizing obama & goldman sachs*
stimulus transparency watchdogs keep contract details secret*
obama/joker posters: a bullshit distraction courtesy of the alternative media*
media floats talking point that gun owners are domestic terrorists*
video: chris matthews fails to roast new hampshire patriot*
poll: what’s up with the town hall protests?*

offensive targeting of liberty movement picks up steam*
globalist snob rothkopf says town hall demonstrators are morons*
why aren’t progressives disrupting obamacare town halls?*
researchers warn of rise in militia groups across US*
video: splc says militias on the rise*
splc supporter: execute alex jones for his political beliefs*
obamacare a ‘rotten fish,’ says broun at town hall*
georgia rep hints dems could declare martial law*
broun: obama could use pandemic to declare martial law*
gop florida senator mel martinez resigns*
‘conservative’ epistemology 101: facts are a ‘crazy conspiracy theory’*

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