order out of chaos as libya operation reaches endgame

remember: libyan rebels are al-CIAda murderers…
from intel hub: As the corporate media is ablaze with reports that the Libyan rebels are set to take Tripoli from Gaddafi, it is important to remember that these rebels are NOT freedom fighters, rather they are CIA run, Al Qaeda connected murderers. This so called liberation of Libya is the EXACT opposite of what the corporate media is actually reporting. NATO and the Libyan rebels have killed thousands of civilians while at the same time the corporate controlled media pretends we are fighting for human rights. The coverage that is currently taking place in Libya is nothing less than pure propaganda ordered up by the CIA and NATO as support for this illegal war hits news lows. As the corporate media continue to try to make the American believe that former CIA agents and 4 star generals are somehow not at all bias, the fact remains that this war is legal, has killed thousands, and has been in support of Al Qaeda.

developing/updates on the grand chessboard:
the battle for libya is almost over…
as is the battle for its 144 tons of gold

video: “western countries fighting for libya’s oil fields like piranhas”*
head of libyan security services calls out nato for supporting al-qaeda*
nato slaughter in tripoli: ‘operation siren’ signals assault by rebels al-qaeda death squads*
rebel hackers seize libyan domain name registry*
dictator of the month: muammar al-gaddafi of libya*
independent reports indicate at least 1300 civilians killed, 5000 wounded in last day in libya*
journalist, prominent activist franklin lamb shot in libya – after writing this article:
will obama pull the plug on libya to score re-election?*
globalist cfr president richard haas calls for nato occupation of libya*
gadhafi’s fall would be win for vacationing obama*
nato hands terrorists who killed US troops control of libya*
US & nato officials openly admit to arming, training libyan rebels, forcing ‘regime change’*
video: nato wants bloodbath in tripoli as journalist threatened & shot at*
obama tv: qaddafi regime ‘coming to an end’ (video soon)*

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Win Libya, win!

    Lose Nato, lose!

    – a Canadian

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