Oregon Water Watch Update: Nestlé Still Wants Cascade Water

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Oregon Water Watch Update: Nestlé Still Wants Cascade WaterThanks to @CassieCohn for the rally recording!
from portlandmercury.com: Over 150 people gathered yesterday [Jun26] afternoon in downtown’s Terry Schrunk Plaza to oppose Nestlé’s attempts to open a water bottling plant in the Columbia River Gorge town of Cascade Locks. Remember this issue? Well it’s still happening… “This is the first time an entire state has had a say in whether Nestlé can bottle their water,” DeGraw told the Mercury. “The bureaus ultimately answer to the governor. And we are trying to tell Governor Kitzhaber that he is either with Nestlé or he is with every Oregonian.” At the protest yesterday, DeGraw called Kitzhaber’s office and left the governor a collective message via cell phone. “Water is a human right. Don’t let Nestlé win this fight,” the crowd chanted on Kitzhaber’s voicemail.

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