Panic as Thousands Receive ‘Fines’ For Streaming RedTube Videos

from In recent days thousands of Internet users have received letters demanding 250 euros to settle online copyright infringement allegations. What is particularly strange about this case, however, is that the targets are all said to be users of RedTube, a site that streams (adult) videos in a way not dissimilar to YouTube. But as panicking users unintentionally DDoS a lawfirm’s website while looking for advice, the mysterious plot continues to thicken.

In countries across Europe and in the United States, copyright holders have targeted hundreds of thousands of Internet users said to have shared their content online without permission.

Often referred to as copyright trolls, these companies place themselves in file-sharing networks and masquerade as regular users, but instead they’re collecting evidence of infringement. This evidence is then used to obtain the identities of alleged file-sharers in order to obtain cash settlements from them. It’s a messy and controversial game.

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