‘path to 9/11’ is the path to distraction

'path to 9/11' is the path to distractionfrom propaganda matrix: The lapdog mainstream media and the left-gatekeeper establishment wannabees have so far succeeded in overshadowing the 9/11 truth movement nearing the fifth anniversary of the attacks, by getting all hot and bothered about a nothing docudrama that whitewashes both the Bush and Clinton administration’s contribution to facilitating the destruction of the trade towers.

‘The Path to 9/11’, a two part ABC docudrama set to air on Sunday and Monday night, gives Clinton a pass for being too interested in his sex scandal to recognize the threat of Al-Qaeda – when in reality Bill Clinton deliberately refused to grab Bin Laden when he had the chance on numerous occasions. Mindless debates about Monica Lewinsky serve only to distract attention from the truth that both Bush and Clinton premeditatively protected terrorist networks before 9/11.

No surprises then that the idiot left gatekeepers have bought this GOP distraction talking point hook, line and sinker – taking the bait to wage endless back and forth diatribes about how angelic Bill Clinton was.

'path to 9/11' is the path to distractionThe same liberal establishment mouthpieces, including Democracy Now, The Nation and others have developed an amazing kind of amnesic barrier whereby they fully acknowledge that Bush lied about everything related to Iraq – bolstered by the Senate dismissal of Saddam-Al Qaeda ties today – and yet cannot entertain for a second the possibility that the government told anything other than the truth about 9/11.

This is exemplified today by darling of the left Alexander Cockburn, who scoffs at the notion that the greatest superpower since the Roman Empire, flush with a booty of 2.3 trillion dollars, could not possibly have had the prowess to carry out 9/11 – yet 19 incompetent pilots acting on the behest of a man in-between trips from a dialysis machine to a cave and afforded the total non-response of US air defense could have accomplished the task. Read Kurt Nimmo tear Cockburn a new one here.

The projectile verbal diarrhea surrounding ‘The Path to 9/11’ is clearly an intentional ploy to create enough noise in the news cycle to drown out prominent media coverage of the 9/11 truth movement and the educational and demonstrative actions now being organized for the weekend on behalf of the Loose Change crew and Alex Jones.

Don’t let this non-issue hog the limelight – The Path to 9/11 is the path to distraction.

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