the phony left/right paradigm parade begins!

get ready for provocateured violence, grandstanding
& all the bread & circus bullshit you can handle!

will authorities stage riots in denver?
from paul joseph watson: The major question hanging over the Democratic National Convention, which starts in Denver today, is whether or not authorities will follow the lead of previous mass protest events, and actively stage violence to justify a brutal crackdown on legitimate demonstrators. Last year after an incident during the SPP summit in Montebello Canada, Quebec provincial authorities were forced to admit that three rock-wielding mask-wearing “anarchists” were in fact police infiltrators used to gather information on protesters.

fuck fox news: reporter gets heckled by crowd
from youtube: Griff Jenkins in the middle of the Denver protests.

mccain & obama tied in polls as dems open convention
from dpa: The scramble for the White House was dead even between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain, according to two separate polls released late Sunday, the eve of the opening of the Democratic nominating convention. The Gallup Poll showed each candidate with 45 per cent support from registered voters, while a CNN/Opinion Research Corp poll showed a 47-per-cent stalemate.

aclu: denver cops ‘amped up’ by anti-protester memo
from raw replay: CNN’s Joe Johns reported on security at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. John reported that the ACLU is “irate” at a memo that they say is causing police to get “amped up” to deal with protesters. This video is from CNN’s American Morning, broadcast August 25, 2008.

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