Police Need ‘New’ Internet Surveillance Tools, Say Chiefs

Bill C-30 would give police warrantless access to internet communications*
from cbc.ca: The Canadian Association of Police Chiefs is calling on the federal government to pass its controversial internet surveillance bill so police can fight cybercrime more effectively. Association president and Vancouver police Chief Jim Chu says he is concerned Bill C-30 will die on the order paper, meaning officers investigating criminal activity on cellphones and the internet will still have to get a warrant every time they want to intercept communications by cybercriminals. “Law enforcement continues to be handcuffed by legislation introduced in 1975, the days of the rotary telephone,” said Chu on Friday morning in Vancouver. Bill C-30 was introduced by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews last winter and was immediately criticized by many groups concerned about the sweeping powers it would give the government to track the ordinary activities of citizens online without judicial oversight.

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