police state int’l: cyberwars, databasing, gps & you

nsa aims to expand power & take over cybersecurity

new zealand plugs into secret pentagon intranet
new zealand plugs into secret pentagon intranetfrom cryptogon: The U.S., Australia, Canada, Britain and New Zealand… Is it a coincidence that these also happen to be the ECHELON states? Via: Stuff: A leaked American study into military actions in Afghanistan [3.4mb PDF] reveals New Zealand is now plugged into the world’s most secret intranet, allowing access to the Pentagon’s battle plans. “Secret Internet Protocol Router Network”, or SIPRNET, is a sophisticated alternative to the internet, allowing New Zealand frigate control rooms and armoured vehicles access to material seen on generals’ desks in Washington. Defence Minister Wayne Mapp refused to comment on the link. “We don’t discuss security matters,” he said through a spokesman.

wikileaks cracks nato’s master narrative for afghanistan
from cryptogon: It appears that Wikileaks is distributing NATO classified documents that some imbecile at CENTCOM left on an open webshare. The Wikileaks people ran a dictionary attack on the files and found the password on them was progress.

‘enemy combatant’ in US indicted

announcing the dna control grid
from corbett report: Recent weeks have seen a string of revelations in mainstream publications that there are plans for a North American Union, a world government and a New World Order including a world central bank with the power to “knock heads” if nations refuse to surrender their authority to an elite group of international bankers (exactly as we predicted). Add to these startling admissions the Austin American-Statesman’s recent “discovery” of the state of Texas’ practice of keeping blood collected at birth for “scientific research purposes” without the knowledge or consent of parents… The topic of DNA collection by the government usually focuses on criminal databases. The infamous UK DNA database is in fact just one of many such national databases justified by their use in helping law enforcement solve cases by recourse to genetic forensics. Of course, the real problem is not that databases of this sort fail to acknowledge the widespread, systemic and ultimately inevitable abuses of these law enforcement tools; the problem is that these arguments miss the point entirely by arguing only the limited benefits and drawbacks of DNA databases for law enforcement.

video shows teen beaten in seattle jail

elevator video proves man did not assault florida cops

test to track traffic using gps phones
test to track traffic using gps phonesfrom east bay business times: Researchers at UC-Berkeley will join in a field test Feb. 8 to study how traffic flow can be monitored using data from driver’s GPS-enabled cell phones [212kb PDF]. The researchers will look at the potential of using cell phone data instead of the road sensors currently used, while at the same time preserving phone users’ privacy. The experiment, dubbed Mobile Century, will involve a fleet of 100 cars with drivers carrying Nokia cell phones. They will travel a loop along a 10-mile stretch of Interstate 880 between Hayward and Fremont. The experiment is a joint project between researchers at the UC-Berkeley’s California Center for Innovative Transportation and the Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto.

gates says US military can help mexico in drug war

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