police state int’l: drones, phones, kids & climate cops

the panopticon economy: the nsa’s new data-mining facility is one component of a growing local surveillance industry*
the panopticon economyspy training program could come to universities*
secret buildings you may not photograph, part 643*
bozeman, mt drops request for internet passwords*
dhs to end use of satellites for domestic spying*
homeland security announces the elimination of domestic terrorism surveillance satellite*
admin kills bush program to give police access to spy satellite data*
1st satellite for space tracking & surveillance system delivered*
homeland security drone patrolling nny*
drone aircraft to patrol canadian border*
new bill seeks to replace real id with pass id*
nsa monitors millions of american emails*
rfid-enabled phones could let credit card companies track users*
house backs biometrics in dhs 2010 spending bill*
60k US inmates sexually abused each year, report says*
protesters denounce chicago police ‘1968 reunion’*
chicago’s black star project: we need more than police action!*
cop ordered to manage anger*
supreme court rules school’s strip search of teenage girl illegal*
video: scotus says strip search of child illegal*
supreme court: strip search of child illegal*
scotus rules strip search is unconstitutional, but school officials immune from accountability*
‘they took away my twins after i’d joked that birth spoilt my body’*
urban rangers*
climate cops to fine ‘wasteful’ homeowners & businesses*

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