Police State Int’l: Intel, Drills, Raids & Revolution

video: sonic crowd control weapons at townhall meetings*
sonic crowd control weapons at townhall meetingsvampire cops say syringes will help stop drunk driving by taking blood*
ny homes raided in terror probe*
fbi set for more anti-terror raids in queens; fears of madrid-style subway bombings*
queens raids prompt alert on homemade explosives*
task force born on 9/11 still guards ny*
police to get access to classified military intel*
dod announces new info access to fusion centers*
dod opens some classified information to non-federal officials*
US spends $75b a year on intelligence*
pittsburgh city council delays giving police new powers for g20*
uncle scam eyes vehicle tracking tax*
canadians scale back planned military demo in dc*
warning to people in greece, ny: your town is not under attack!*
n carolina marines train for terrorism*
disaster drill involves hundreds*
video: butte participates in earthquake drill*
drill helps students to be ready for quake*
southcom runs ‘southern seas’ & ‘panamax’ drills thru oct*
video: celente says revolution next for US*

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