police state int’l: there’s a kind of crush all over the world

meme du jour: US headed for coup?*
meme du jour: US headed for coup?uk surveillance state ‘a good thing’*
dhs doles out fed cash to deploy military lrad’s in US cities*
video: mass graves in houston?*
local media attempts to debunk mass graves story*
mayor kalb calls blogger a ‘worthless piece of shit’*
video: military damages kentucky neighborhood during urban warfare drill*
feds sentence elaine brown to 35yrs in prison*
investigation could sink ‘american police force’*
apf spokesperson holds emotional press conference; lawyer quits project*
apf changes name, logo & website to ‘diffuse tension’*
indy to enlist citizens in terrorist watch program*
police chiefs back local terror watch*
ny man accused of using twitter to direct protesters during g20 summit*
nyc to establish surveillance network in midtown*
police in ny tighten security around transportation hubs*
midtown next in nypd terror net*
missile possibly launched in liberty county, tx*
oklahoma trooper daniel martin being investigated again*
jet fighters may soar over houston*
video: aclu says arrest of g20 twitter user is ‘inimidation’*
US senate candidate: martial law needed in chicago*
video: dhs computers search for suspicious flyers*
US announces reforms of immigration detention centres*
internet game that awards points for people spotting crimes on cctv cameras is branded ‘snoopers paradise’*
internet game that awards points for people spotting crimes on cctv cameras is branded 'snoopers paradise'public to monitor cctv from home*
162k id kits going out to indiana students*
video: black helicopters swarm seattle! alex ansary & we are change seattle catch urban warfare exercises in preparation for martial law*
US to export riot-roasting raygun*
dhs video, hosted by john elway, portrays average americans as terrorists*
dallas bomb plot: did smadi have a handler? suspicions of fbi entrapment*
military fighters practicing aerial intercepts thursday*
noard exercise flights planned over nevada skies*
more ‘vigilant guard’ drills: oct12*
anti-terrorism drill held at fort bragg*
aclu says extracting dna from suspects unconstitutional*
ny to fight terrorism with more street-corner cameras*
cops attack anti-war demonstrators in rochester, ny*
california man blows off hands with explosives inside day care center: authorities say neo-nazi material found in victim’s house*

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