Police State Updates: Mobs, Ads & a State of Emergency

Video: What an out-of-control mob looks like*
what an out-of-control mob looks likePentagon revives Rumsfeld-era domestic spying unit*
US predator drones to surveil Mexican border*
California license plates might go digital, show ads*
New Jersey naval base under lockdown in Lakehurst*
NYC car bomb suspect pleads guilty, calls it ‘war’*
Chester, PA placed under a state of emergency*
Pennsylvania town simulates aerosolized anthrax attack*
TSA exercise joins Ohio, West Virginia responders*
Video: ‘the 7 signs of terrorism’ from las vegas institute for security studies*
Supreme Court upholds law against advising ‘terrorists’*
NY port authority warned of alleged terror threat*
NYPD launches ambitious camera plan*
Arrest made after car with weapons, gas found near G20 summit*
Toronto turned into fortress for G8/G20 summits*
G20: Activists arrested, denied entry into Canada*
Tarpley: Obama strategy for G20 keeps toxic derivatives in charge of world economy*

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