Police State Updates: Threataganda & Homegrown Errorism

Qatari diplomat causes security scare on flight after smoking & joking, plane diverted to Denver’s New World airport*
Qatari diplomat causes security scare on flight after smoking & joking, plane diverted to Denver's New World airportSmoking Qatari diplomat was to meet jailed terrorist*
Texas pipe bomb suspect ‘mad at government’*
FBI arrests california man for threatening Pelosi*
Video: mother of man arrested for threatening Pelosi blames Fox News*
Serial death threats against Senator end with arrest of suspect*
Los Angeles airport security breach delays flights*
Bomb found at US courthouse*
US courthouse in Kansas City is evacuated in false bomb scare*
Anthrax threat against Rep Weiner traced to Brooklyn*
Greenpeace to global warming skeptics: ‘we know where you live’*
‘Guardians of the free republics’ tied to Texas radio station*
Will feds use letter sent by sovereign citizen group to stage false flag?*
FBI probes resignation ultimatum letter sent to governors*
‘Restore America’ declaration shakes up governors across America*
Military flyovers in Utica on apr6*
NORAD fighters practice over Utica, NY*
If you see fighter aircraft in the sky, don’t worry – it’s just an exercise*
Officers accused of using taser on 10yr old*
TSA letter confirms naked body scanners transmit images*
Naked body scanners may not have thwarted alleged Christmas day bomber, GAO says*
DHS has completed incident planning for a Moscow-like explosive attack*
US trains, buses ‘vulnerable’ to terror attack, Lieberman warns*
More surveillance: planes, trains, cars & buses*
Video: NYPD shifting anti-terror cops to streets*
Police State 4: an indispensable compendium on the police state*
Fmr Miami Beach cop charged by FBI with kidnapping, extortion*
Illinois CIA staffer gets jail for fake reports*
Video: CNN touts ‘civilian service corps’ as way of shedding student debt*
Parliament hill mounties getting submachine guns*
Small army to ‘protect’ Toronto during G20 summit*
Mexican ‘assassin teams’ may target US law enforcement, DHS warns*
Video: ‘Easter Bunny’ targets photo radar camera in Tempe, AZ*

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