police state usa: pitt police, purse ban, txt snitch & shooter drill

new pittsburgh police cruisers to include video cameras
from post-gazette: Video cameras will be mounted in at least 27 new police cruisers expected to roam the streets in upcoming weeks, a technological first for Pittsburgh police. “It’s going to help everybody,” fleet operations Sgt. Gordon McDaniel said yesterday. “If you know you’re being recorded, you’re going to act accordingly.” The cameras will roll as soon as a car’s emergency lights are activated, but also can be controlled by a remote on an officer’s belt. Footage will aid investigations and can help when complaints are filed against officers, among other uses, he said.

indiana high school’s purse ban rankles students

from cbs2chicago: An Indiana high school is making a bold move to create a safer environment for students – they’ve banned students from carrying bags including purses, during the school day. Female students are upset about the changes. CBS 2 Northwest Indiana Bureau Chief Pamela Jones reports the principal and district administration of Hanover Central School in Cedar Lake would not discuss the matter.

students can send txt tips 2 cops
students can send txt tips 2 copsfrom chicago sun-times: Students who see a gun or overhear plans about an after-school fight can now tip off authorities the 21st century way — by anonymously text-messaging police — under a program announced Monday involving 10 Chicago public high schools. Crime Stoppers of Cook County is even offering rewards to tipsters whose information produces arrests. For murder cases, that can involve up to $1,000. “Practically every student these days has a cell phone. Students are texting each other messages faster than they can dial a number,” Police Supt. Jody Weis said in announcing the pilot program with Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan. “We want them to text a tip to the police — a tip that could potentially save their life or someone else’s.” All text messages must begin with the letters “cpd” and can include common text abbreviations.

school shooting drill terrifies unknowing teachers
from wcau-tv: About 50 teachers at a New Jersey school experienced a terrifying moment when a shooting rampage turned out to be a drill, but the teachers didn’t know it. It happened Aug. 28 at the Phillipsburg New Jersey Early Learning Center. A man burst into the library and started shooting. But the gun didn’t have any bullets, just blanks. Teachers took cover under child-sized tables, crying and trembling. “People are crying. The girl next to me is trembling and shaking. You heard people crying. You heard other people praying. It was pretty dramatic,” one teacher said. The school district put the drill in place to test staff readiness. The Phillipsburg School Board heard from angry teachers and parents Monday night. The board is reviewing the drill.

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