Premature Post Mortems: George H W Bush and Prince Philip

Premature Post Mortems:  George H W Bush and Prince Philip

It’s only natural to wonder if there’s something more to obituaries released prematurely?  Yes, it’s tasteless to report someone died before they’ve  actually passed, but how does this happen? Is it truly just a case of jumping the gun to report first?  In late 2011, Prince Philip was reported as passing away only to be announced later to be recovering from a successful heart operation for a stent?  There’s also an absence of  reporting on  a dead body found on the Royal estate at Sandringham, England during the same time period – just around Christmas.

 Late last year, George H.W. Bush was also reported to have passed away, again, around Christmas time after spending a month in a Houston area hospital. Well, “put the harps back in the closet,” chimes article but is there more to it?  Is it too much to imagine one set of doctors, doing as much as conventional medicine accepts as procedurally correct, to be replaced by a secret team of practitioners who then employ extraordinary measures?  Wouldn’t it explain how doctors honestly report a death only to backtrack later after unconventional life extension technology has been applied?  Is it possibly no more than tech withheld from the “profane public” known to work in ailing elders?  We have enough plebs and peasants as it is, they declare! 

The present writer asks with advent of medical boards to withhold treatment for “useless eaters,” wouldn’t these two be better off dead?   The Prince of Edinburgh not long ago expressed his wish:  …to return to the earth as a ‘deadly virus’ to thin the human poplution….”   We may want to keep Prince Philip alive as long as possible to thwart his wish? Is there occult significance to their reported deaths around Christmas only to have their status subsequently announced as alive? 

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