Project Blitzkrieg: Cyberattacks On Banks

Brian Krebs provides details on threat posed by Project Blitzkrieg. The campaign, purportedly to be rolled out between now and the Spring of 2013, proposes organizing hacker cells throughout the cyber- criminal community to collaborate in exploiting these authentication weaknesses before U.S. banks erect more stringent controls,” writes Krebs. Video (click on cc for closed captions) illustrates how “…the operation will flood cyberheist victim phone lines while the victims are being robbed, in a bid to prevent account holders from receiving confirmation calls or text messages from their banks.” Krebs identifies one of the perps as 27 year old Moscow resident, Oleg Vsevolodovich Tolstykh. A prudent measure covered further in related article, Banking On A Live CD,” simply advises, to avoid accessing bank account with Windows. An obvious question here, would be, why the long roll out as time seems previous factor to beat banks before they can institute security fix?

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