@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode061 – Live On

Episode061 - Live On

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on Episode061 – Live On which features brand new sounds from Lorde, Rogue Wave, Classixx, Bonobo, T. Hardy Morris, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, Bored Nothing, The Knife, Tom Rowlands, Dan Israel, Chk Chk Chk and Cali Giraffes

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♬Liner Notes♬: Slammin’ electro, singer/songwriter soul and everything in between! This week’s got !!!, Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers, Classixx, Lorde, Rogue Wave, The Knife and much more… Let’s Pump Up Tha Volume!

‘Love Club’ EP
Lava/Republic, 2013
Note: We begin with a teen kiwi simply named Lorde. The Mostly Junk Food blog says, “New Zealand’s Lorde has the kind of huge vocals that will make you stop and listen… Her sound has the unique funk of Alex Winston and the attitude of M.I.A.. Did I mention she is only 16 years old?
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Rogue Wave
‘Nightingale Floors’
Vagrant, 2013
Note: Billboard says, “The 10-song set is a return to the jangly, emotional indie-pop that helped the band develop a sizable following… Though the mood does get heavy at times, “Nightingale Floors” also features tracks like the rollicking, anthemic lead single, “College,”
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“All You’re Waiting For” (w/ Nancy Whang)
‘Hanging Gardens’
Innovative Leisure, 2013
Note: Insound says everyone at their office flipped over the die-cut album sleeve for the new album from Classixx. “Classixx have been intent on their debut Hanging Gardens, whittling the LP down from hundreds of sessions to a svelte 12 songs. At once beaming, breezy and wistful, Hanging Gardens features…the gleefully catchy Nancy Whang-featuring “All You’re Waiting For”… Playing a wide array of instruments on Hanging Gardens, Classixx’ full-length debut features impossibly sunny grooves, blithe melodies bred by the coast, coaxed out by the surf, expertly crafted for road trips, pool parties and dance clubs.
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‘The North Borders
Ninja Tune, 2013
Note: Pitchfork says, “A sense of déjà vu haunts The North Borders, UK producer Simon Green’s fifth studio album as Bonobo. It’s almost 15 years since he first appeared… Bonobo stood above the rest because his compositional touch was so instinctive: deftly coaxing complex emotions from machines while employing acoustic instrumentation sparingly to devastating effect.
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T. Hardy Morris
‘Audition Tapes’
Dangerbird, 2013
Note: Ghetto Blaster says, “This summer T. Hardy Morris (who is also the frontman of Dead Confederate) will hit the road in support of Audition Tapes, his debut solo album… Audition Tapes finds Morris abundantly inspired, oftentimes invoking the grand spirits of Elliot Smtih, Alex Chilton or fellow Georgian Vic Chesnutt.
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JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound
Bloodshot, 2013
Note: Rolling Stone says this title track is “hair-raising guitar chords and piano flourishes over a bubbling bass groove, while frontman Brooks sings of dissolved love in a voice that’s as seductive as it is foreboding.” (And we thank The Uptown Sound for the retweet love!)
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Bored Nothing
“Let Down”
‘Bored Nothing’
Spunk, 2013
Note: Again, Pitchfork says, “Melbourne, Australia’s Fergus Miller aka Bored Nothing…wrote these songs while bumming semi-homeless around Australia for a few years, and as a result, they occupy a similar mindset: Miller and the characters in his songs are perpetually stoned, bored, or existentially lost. Sometimes all of the above.
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The Knife
“A Tooth For An Eye”
‘Shaking The Habitual’
Mute, 2013
Note: “Mysterious Swedish duo The Knife have released a triple album — 98 minutes of music — exploring the gamut of sound and emotion.
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Tom Rowlands
“Through Me” single
Phantasy, 2013
Note: It is that Tom Rowlands! Song source KEXP says, “Since the group aren’t planning on having any new music out this year, Rowlands decided to cut two solo tracks during their downtime. The A-side of his debut solo single, “Through Me” isn’t a far cry from the Chemical Brothers’ recent work. Relatively fast paced and featuring a bouncy, New Order-esque bassline, it makes up for Rowlands’ usual beat bombast by building and dropping at well-timed points in the six-minute track.” I got to see the Chemical Brothers at CMJ back in 2002 and I’m glad I did
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Dan Israel
“Live On”
‘Live On’
self-released, 2013
Note: The Minneapolis Star Tribune says about the local legend that “the title of Dan Israel’s new album, “Live On,” isn’t just a throwaway…especially considering the health issues Israel himself endured in the past couple years. “I basically have a very bad gut,” explained Israel, who’s heard more complicated medical terms through multiple visits to the Mayo Clinic. The visibly slimmer local music vet, 42, didn’t want to go into detail, especially since “Live On” is a remarkably upbeat, optimistic collection, with songs played mostly on acoustic guitar and piano straight out of a warm living room sing-along session.” He’s also simultaneously releasing a double LP vinyl set, cleverly called ‘Danthology’.
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Chk Chk Chk
Warp, 2013
Note: Last heard on Episode052, now Pretty Much Amazing says, “Five albums and over a decade into their career, !!! continue to deliver music that caters to the most primeval desire of any music listener: the need to dance. In this regard, THR!!!ER does not disappoint. Saturated with rousing jams steeped in a newly honed funk direction, THR!!!ER succeeds in its singular goal with flying colors.” I’m gonna miss them at a small club here in Portland this Monday?!
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Cali Giraffes
“All My Life” single
Fin, 2013
Note: Our Pacific Northwest closer this week is from legendary stock. Song source KEXP says, “Founded in 2010 by Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando, Cali Giraffes (formerly Calligraphers) have an origin story that is just as amazing as the band itself. It all started backstage at a show, where Dando was hit with inspiration. He must have had a pretty charismatic and solid pitch in order to bring a supremely talented musician out of retirement, and that’s exactly what Dando did when he added legendary Fastbacks singer and bassist Kim Warnick to the project. Guitarist Mikey Davis (Alien Crime Syndicate) also joined the fun and, as they say, the rest is history.” But then Dando left, Josh Freese joined them in-studio and the full-length is in the works!
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