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@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode184 – Desire

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Episode184 - DesireEpisode184 - Desire for new music by Aero Flynn, Holly Golightly, Dilly Dally, Tone of Arc and Gazebos...

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♬Liner Notes♬: We skipped Black Friday Record Store Day, but we've still got great new music - give thanks!

Aero Flynn
'Aero Flynn'
Ooh La La, 2016
Notes: "Though he’s less well known, Josh Scott, who performs as Aero Flynn, has some fairly famous friends. Scott began his career in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the same scene that gave rise to both Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Field Report frontman Chris Porterfield... But where his friends’ careers flourished, Scott became a recluse... He eventually reconvened with Vernon at his April Base studio to record new music. The result of those sessions is Aero Flynn’s self-titled debut..."

Holly Golightly
"As You Go Down"
'Slowtown Now!'
Damaged Goods, 2015
Notes: "[A lot of people probably] first heard Holly Golightly on the White Stripes track “It’s True That We Love One Another,” a perfect pairing of two strains of garage rock. While the Stripes picked up the banner for the 2000s, Golightly came a decade before with the full-on insanity of the British group Thee Headcoatees. This year, Golightly released two new albums: Coulda Shoulda Woulda and Slowtown Now!. “As You Go Down,” from Slowtown Now!, shows off Golightly’s specialty of mixing the sweet with the sour. The hand claps are chipper, but her voice is all sneer."

Dilly Dally
"The Touch/Desire"
Partisan, 2015
Notes: "Over the past year or so, Dilly Dally have been releasing a series of increasingly explosive singles, all in the long lead-up to their debut album, where it sounds like they’ll harness all that rage into something really magical, at least if lead single “Desire” is any indication. It begins with lead vocalist Katie Monks counting off in her distinguished rasp before launching into a knotty tangle of guitars and feedback, all while the word “desire” is chanted over and over in alternating sweet-and-sour takes. “It’s about a huge sexual release, but it’s also about fantasies, youth, and purity,” Monks explained to Fader. The song will show up on the Toronto four-piece’s debut album, Sore..."

Tone of Arc
"Practical Particles"
'Urgent Turquoise'
Om, 2015
Notes: "Dynamic husband and wife duo Tone of Arc take a daring approach to their compositions with a fusion that blurs the lines. Their 16-track sonic adventure, Urgent Turquoise, starts with "Practical Particles.""

"I Don't Wanna Be Here"
'Die Alone' EP
Hardly Art, 2016
Notes: "Gazebos is a Seattle-based act that describes itself as “whoa-pop.” The band’s new single, “I Don’t Wanna Be Here,” strangely embodies this label, an off-kilter and fascinating pop/rock tune with some groove and exceptional vocals. Their debut album for Hardly Art is called Die Alone and will be out February 19."

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