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Episode195 - Natural SelectionEpisode195 – Natural Selection w/brand spanking new music by Jane Weaver, Animal Collective, Chicano Batman, The Big Pink and The Posies

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♬Liner Notes♬: OK, we *can* do this…a day early, no less! PUTV is your trusted source for the best in new music, spread the word…

Jane Weaver
“I Need A Connection”
‘I Need A Connection’ EP
Finders Keepers, 2016
Notes: “Jane Weaver’s The Silver Globe…an epic kraut-pop opera of sorts, teeming with motorik rhythms and analogue synths… Each song beautifully transitions into the next, which made The Silver Globe something best experienced in a 47-minute chunk… Weaver decided to capitalize on the momentum…with a second disc called The Amber Light.And now there’s an extended single or EP with three songs and 17 minutes of awesome.

Animal Collective
“Natural Selection”
‘Painting With’
Domino, 2016
Notes: “Avant-pop institution Animal Collective have specialized in ecstatic noise explorations for more than a decade. But their 10th album skips the signature escape-pod reverb washes, speeding up the tempos and shortening the song lengths to come up with the zippiest music they’ve ever made. Animal Collective’s core trio recorded Painting With at an L.A. studio once frequented by the likes of Michael Jackson and the Beach Boys, and in a sense the music splits the difference between those poles…It’s actually the MD weirdos first time on PUTV, but we played “Golden Gal” (featuring Bea Arthur samples!) on the Feb 22nd episode of the #MorningMonarchy *and* we’ll throw in *another* song, “Hocus Pcous” (featuring John Cale on viola!), in the Spotify playlist for this Episode195.

Chicano Batman
“Black Lipstick”
El Relleno, 2016
Notes: “With their blend of latin rock, cumbia, Brazilian Tropicalia, and lavish ’60s psych groove, Chicano Batman have established themselves as a genre of one. They caught the eye of Jack White and [toured with him and Alabama Shakes)… “Black Lipstick,” the group’s first new material since winter 2014…. Lead singer Bardo Martinez [says] “‘Black Lipstick’ is a song about someone who gives up her individuality in order to fit in. It alludes to how we all shape our social behaviour in order to get ahead in this capitalist society.”

The Big Pink
‘Empire Underground’ EP
B3SCI, 2016
Notes: “London duo turned trio the Big Pink are in full promo mode leading up to their Empire Underground EP. They’ve unleashed the stellar singles “Hightimes” and “Beautiful Criminal” and given the former the visual treatment. Today, they come with their latest offering “Decoy.”We got our “Hightimes” title track to Episode189 from Big Pink.

The Posies
“Squirrel vs Snake”
‘Solid States’
Lojinx, 2016
Notes: “Squirrel vs. Snake is a state of the ‘dis­union’ in the USA and beyond… the disharmony, the threats to intellectual freedom, and the cynicism and lies we take for granted now in the age of doublespeak.”Seattle’s Posies return with their 8th LP in April and we’re super stoked. We saw them at our first concert, the ’93 HFStival in DC with INXS and Iggy Pop.

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