robin williams: ‘the whole system sucks’

robin williams: 'the whole system sucks'from cnn: To hear comedian Robin Williams tell it, politics as usual in the United States is no laughing matter, even if he makes a lot of jokes about it in his new movie “Man of the Year.”

“This is not about one party or another. This is about how the whole system sucks,” Williams told reporters.

He criticized the influence of special interest groups, the millions of dollars needed to campaign for office and the negative advertisements candidates use to hurt their rivals.

Director Barry Levinson’s satirical “Man of the Year” hits theaters on Friday, aiming to tap into voter disenchantment ahead of the November U.S. election with a story about an acerbic talk show host, played by Williams, who runs for president…

Levinson has been down this road before with 1997 political satire “Wag the Dog,” about how a Hollywood producer and a Washington public relations expert concoct a fake war to cover up a presidential sex scandal. During the term of President Bill Clinton, that story sounded all too familiar…

In “Man of the Year,” Williams portrays political commentator Tom Dobbs who runs for president as an independent candidate in an election that is marred by a glitch in computerized voting. Sound familiar?

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