ron paul: debates, rebates, vaccines & zionism

ron paul highlights: reagan library debate jan30

ron paul: gop rivals are ‘so-called conservatives’
from asd: “A real fiscal conservative always votes for balanced budgets, lower spending and would never, ever raise taxes. Every one of my opponents fails that litmus test. These so-called conservatives are misleading the American people about their records,” said Dr. Paul.

video: interview with romney pushes talk show host mark larsen to support ron paul
from ozlo: Mark Larsen of 1040 AM WWBA interviewed Mitt Romney on the morning of 1/29/2008. The sneers and chuckles from slippery Romney pushed him over the edge and drove him to support the only real candidate – Ron Paul.

ron paul is coming to seattle
from seattle post-intelligencer: Libertarian-minded Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will visit Seattle on Thursday, packing in three quick events on turf where GOP hopefuls rarely tread these days… But Paul has been the lone GOP candidate to oppose the war in Iraq, and to argue for a scaleback of U.S. military commitments overseas. He is also a critic of the U.S.A. Patriot Act.

jesse benton a suspicious figure?
jesse benton a suspicious figure?from rogue government: According to the book “History of Andrew Jackson: Pioneer, Patriot, Soldier, Politician, President” by Augustus C. Buell a man named Jesse Benton nearly killed Andrew Jackson in 1813… What’s interesting is that the Ron Paul campaign has a communications director also by the name of Jesse Benton.

why zionists should not support ron paul
why zionists should not support ron paulfrom israel e news: Ron Paul’s supporters have been quite adept at repackaging their anti-semitic candidate’s negatives as positives, have tried to spin Ron Paul’s repeated criticisms of Israel and foreign aid to Israel as a positive. Some Zionists have fallen for that line and are considering supporting Ron Paul in order to end American intervention in Israel.

the maniacal media factory and dr. no
from blogcritics: It is one thing to either disagree with or fear a Presidential Candidate’s position on the issues of the day, but quite another thing to use the “news” to unfairly and untruthfully characterize his positions, not to mention overtly ignore him in such an unseemly fashion.

ron paul says no to mandatory immunization
from huffington post: Ron Paul’s libertarian ideology is dramatically revealed when you get him started on topics such as the War on Drugs, the FDA and forced immunization that draw on his background in medicine. Paul, a ten-term member of Congress who’s hoping to pick up the Republican nomination for president, feels strongly that the federal government, in most cases, shouldn’t be telling Americans what they can and cannot put into their bodies.

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