Sandy Hook – An American Coup D’Etat

Sandy Hook - An American Coup D'Etat

Max Igan, on his program Surviving The Matrix, steps back to take long view of Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre and sees tragedy as a baited hook!  Igan believes attack on Second Amendment that followed shooting as necessary trigger to whip up resistance, as authorities need an excuse to vilify gun owners.  The gun grab represents a push towards civil war in Igan’s opinion.  Will 2013 see the change that Igan views necessary to save our futures?  Will we begin to resist international banksters and their desire for a  global plantation?  You may click on links for remainder of Igan’s program:   part 2, part 3 and part 4.

On bottom line, Igan advises against taking on bully in schoolyard itching for a fight as he labels authorities. The recommendation is to confront government by any and all legal means possible.  Igan mentions impeachment.  The present writer remains skeptical, we will be given opportunity to avoid conflict.  Impeachment could lead to a Constitutional Convention (to ratify legality of a foreign-born President),  where outcome may be a net loss of even more freedoms!

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