Interview w/ Sargon Of Akkad on #GamerGate

Interview w/ Sargon Of Akkad on #GamerGate

Everything you always wanted to know about #GamerGate* (but were afraid to ask!) Sargon Of Akkad joins Media Monarchy to give his take on the play control of one of the most popular games around: Divide and conquer! It’s video games, sexism, corruption, coins and more on our first look at GamerGate!


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5 responses to “Interview w/ Sargon Of Akkad on #GamerGate”

  1. Mathenaut Avatar
  2. Mirjam Heijn Avatar

    Impressive sourcing at the end. Good job.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Very nice James!
    But you should also note, because of these events groups are moving to impose controls on free speech. Which could have effects on us all!

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    This does all seem surreal. I suppose it opens the door for new gaming journalist.

  5. Frank Black Avatar

    Sargon has always had a good handle on the ridiculousness of this scandal, meaning the opposition in the form or radical fem left/Fabian 5th column provocateurs. Great interview.

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