selection ’08: obamessiah & the dnc charade/parade

satire: portrayal of obama as elitist hailed as step forward for african americans*

not satire: barack obama not a US citizen*
84k+ pack invesco to hear obama’s speech*
obama’s speech by numbers*
obama’s risky stadium gig*
mccain ‘conservatives’ attempt to paint obama as marxist bombthrower*
sleepwalker mccain: will lock up pot smokers but regularly uses powerful sleeping pills*
in denver, police & protesters try to prepare for each other*
legal observers document strong police presence at dnc anti-war protest*
denver’s ironic treatment of homelessness during the dnc*
dhs to use controversial fusion centers during conventions*
recreate 68 ‘self defense’ training at the dnc*
dnc hall surrounded by steel cage*
dnc police bulletin: people with city maps could be planning violence*
no more razor wire at denver convention holding cells (since the public found out about it)*
‘freedom cages’ coming to denver; ss, cia, military plans to suppress protest at dnc*
video: malkin says dnc protesters ‘want brush with torture’*
audio: malkin entourage admits alex jones did not say “kill malkin”*
security turns US conventions into $100m fortresses*
police informer exposed*
video: denver police violence at the dnc*

claim that protesters carried rocks is disputed *
denver police hit protesters with pepper spray from cannons, arrest 100*
anti-abortion protesters arrested in denver*
abc reporter arrested in denver taking pictures of senators, big donors*
denver police arrest abc producer photographing contributors*
pelosi heckled everywhere she goes*
cindy sheehan catches phone bugger in the act at dnc*
‘9/11 truth’ activists march through denver*
protesters denied access to attorneys, forced to march in leg shackles, aclu charges*
city defends ’secret jail’ built for dnc*
company acknowledges voting machine error*
giuliani visits terrorism exhibit near dnc*
video: the man the democrats should have nominated*

video: ron paul says ‘there’s no difference’ between mccain & obama*

video: protestors prepare for republican convention*

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