Space fishing: Japan to test ‘magnetic net’ for space junk

from Japan’s space agency is subcontracting a fishing net company to
develop a technology to clean up the space junk that poses a direct
threat to Earth’s communication networks
. The mission is planned for
2019, with first tests scheduled for this February.

Tokyo’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Nitto Seimo Co, a
company with almost a century-long experience in fishing net
, have already developed a space net measuring 1
kilometer long and 30cm wide in a bid to clear Earth’s orbit from
some 100 million pieces of man-made junk.

Made of three strong and flexible lengths of metal fiber, the net
is scheduled to be first tested in orbit in February
. During the
first phase a satellite will unreal a wire net of some 300 meters
long that will use a specially generated magnetic field to
reel-in the debris just above our atmosphere.

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  1. emilymainzer Avatar

    Japan has started to thinking seriously about a militarized program focusing on space.In space, space junk is the bigger problem to realize all countries.In this process Japan has taken a step forward and going to protect the satellites from dangerous debris orbiting the earth.Soon, Japan is going to develop a military space force for protecting satellites.This military space division is going to started by 2019.In this US and Japaneese governments are working together.

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