tb patient’s relative to be investigated

tb patient's relative to be investigatedfrom ap/yahoo: A federal microbiologist, the father-in-law of the man quarantined with a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis, will be investigated to see how he was involved in the case, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Saturday.

Meanwhile, the CDC said it has withdrawn the federal isolation order for TB patient Andrew Speaker because a Denver health agency’s order to detain him at a hospital there is sufficient to protect the public’s health. The action ends the first federal quarantine order since 1963.

Speaker has said he, his doctors and the CDC all knew he had TB that was resistant to some drugs before he flew to Europe for his wedding and honeymoon last month.

Robert Cooksey, whose specialty at the CDC is TB and other bacteria, and who attended his daughter’s wedding, has said he provided “fatherly advice” to Speaker about traveling with the illness.

Speaker said he was advised at the time by Fulton County, Ga., health authorities that he was not contagious or a danger to anyone. Officials told him they would prefer he didn’t fly, but no one ordered him not to, he said.

Speaker was in Europe when he learned tests showed he had not just TB, but an extremely drug-resistant strain known as XDR.

Federal health officials said Friday that Cooksey had helped to find Speaker and diagnose his condition. They would not give any more information about the investigation.

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  1. BlueBerry Pick'n Avatar

    … I don’t know about you…

    but it sounds to me like somebody tried to wack his potential son-in-law.

    I gotta ask you, though, who LOVES their girlfriend so much that they marry her while contaminated with a gruesome disease…

    XDR? holy crap, man, that’s about 30% survival rates… *shudder*

    I’m from Toronto, I remember the JOY of travel during the SARS Crisis.

    You watch, this is just the crap Negroponte & Rove are seeking to shut down the Canadian/US border

    walls that keep you safe, also keep you IN

    Spread Love…
    … but wear the Glove!

    BlueBerry Pick’n
    can be found @
    Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    why did this man marry? why did this woman consider him for a husband? has everyone gone nuts? he’s deadly sick, not marrying material!!!

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    He should be arrested for recklessness endangerment. He is a well educated man and an attorney who knew the repurcussions of his behavior and travel. How many people get a call from the CDC or Gov.about their health? His hormones and his impending marriage were more important than what he might expose other people to, including his bride . Some love !In the hospital with him she wears a mask- a little late as she was exposed during the honeymoon with him panting and slobbering over her while she breathed in particles of infected matter.
    Now he claims ignorance about the importance of the notifications from the Government- as if they call people all they time because they have nothing better to do! He is a self centered- self important- narcassistic jerk who should prosecuted.He sneaks home once he knows he might get stuck in a foreign country because he is “afraid that he might die without treatment”. What about the poor slobs he exposed who live in other countries and have no means to be treated in the U.S.?

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Ok, as a student of forensic psychology rest assured that you will hear more about this father- in- law and his role in this tragedy. First of all,as a researcher of TB he should have been a little more proactive in adition, I believe a thorough investigation, search and siezure should have been launched as soon as the CDC recieved knowledge of the father -in -law’s background.These pieces arent adding up and the circumstances are just a little too ironic.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Since TB is one of the things one is innoculated/screened for when traveling/arriving from areas where it is know to be more common how the heck did this “intelligent, well educated” person think that the general public would believe he didn’t know that he was contagious? And as for the father-in-law – get real daddy-in-law “fatherly advice about traveling with the disease” – anything short of “DON’T and I will NOT be attending the wedding overseas” should be seen as criminally negligent!

    An as for not being able to afford to charter a private flight back across the Atlantic – he should have spent less on the honeymoon and used THAT to fly himself home rather than force hundreds of innocent, unknowing people to share the same air in an enclosed cabin with him. What if somebody was traveling with a suppressed/compromised immune system, contracts this from him and dies – what’s he going to care it’s nobody HE knows.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    “Didn’t know he was contagious”? Excuse me, TB is a highly contagious disease — whether drug resistant kind or plain vanilla kind. And if the bridegroom had any doubt, why didn’t he ask his future father-in-law, a leading expert on TB? Why risk infecting his future wife and stepduaghter?
    What hubris! I’ve had MD’s advise me not to fly when I’ve had a sinus infection to avoid developing an ear infection, etc.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    The TB guy is an idiot! His relatives being involved with TB makes it even worse! Wife seems kind of dippy–marrying a man with TB. I am not buying his story–he knew what he was doing!

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