texas bill would give blind right to hunt

texas bill would give blind right to huntfrom times online: The blind will be able to go hunting if a Texas Bill becomes law.

They would have to be accompanied by a sighted hunter, who would help to guide their shots, and carry proof that they were legally blind. The law will also allow them to use a laser sight — a device forbidden to sighted hunters.

Edmund Kuempel, a State Representative, who introduced the Bill, said: “This opens up the fun of hunting to additional people, and I think that’s great.” The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which regulates hunting, has no definition for what constitutes a legally blind hunter. The Bill would give it until January 1, 2008, to come up with a definition.

Texas enjoys a reputation for outdoor sports and is where Dick Cheney, the US Vice-President, accidentally shot a friend in the face while hunting for quail this year.

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