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The Data Center of 2025 Revealed: Solar, Smaller, Cloud-ier

from computerworld.com: A survey that challenged IT managers to imagine the data center of 2025 offers up some optimistic, even surprising, findings. About 800 IT data center managers globally responded to the Emerson Network Power survey and three of its major findings foretell major changes ahead: First, by 2025, data center managers expect nearly 25% of their power will come from solar energy, which today accounts for about 1% of a data center's energy supply. Second, in 10 years, nearly three-quarters of the respondents believe that at least 60% of computing will be cloud based. And third, 58% of managers expect data centers will smaller in 10 years: 30% predicted they'll be one-half the size of today's data center, 18%, one-fifth the size, and 10%, one-tenth the size.