The Start Of The Federal Reserve: Will We See Its End?

A dynamic You Tube education viewable in under 12 minutes, The Start of the Federal Reserve,” surveys history of privately controlled bank system (should be rap sheet), a capital conspiracy against the republic. The Panic of 1907 and Depression of 1920-1 are surveyed, in addition, to well-known Great Depression of 1929Representative Louis McFadden, whose intention to impeach Federal Reserve Board is recounted, but ended when McFadden died from poisoning before he could push for impeachment proceedings! Franklin D. Roosevelt taking dollar off Gold Standard in 1933 and gold confiscation, are included, with final lament about our “legal tender” whose value determined to large extent by the amount in circulation!

More recently, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 bailed out bankers, representing a direct transfer of wealth to culpable parties, who should be accountable for their losses! Quantitative easing only amounts to more transfers to central banks and subsidization of corrupt institutions, whose only goal is to remain in control of world’s economic destiny, regardless, of how ugly life gets for the rest of us! This is key to spiritual health, there is little well-being in a scientifically engineered economic collapse where families live in squalor! What will the Federal Reserve do to renew charter in 2013? Will the Federal Reserve morph into a new–possibly global entity?

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