torturous hypocrisy

Bush bashes Syria, but had innocent man tortured there
from americablog: [Bush’s] audacity is amazing. He railed against Syria at the U.N. the same day after we learn that the U.S. conspired with Canada to send an innocent man to Syria to be tortured… This is another reason why Bush has no credibility. Bush liked Syria when they were a tool for our torturers. But now Syria is evil because, among other reasons, they torture their prisoners. Oh that’s right. We do too.

police errors led to man’s torture
from alertnet/reuters: Canadian police wrongly identified an Ottawa software engineer as an Islamic extremist, prompting U.S. agents to deport him to Syria, where he was tortured, an official inquiry concluded on Monday.

Maher Arar, who holds Canadian and Syrian nationality, was arrested in New York in September 2002 and accused of being an al-Qaeda member… he was repeatedly tortured in the year he spent in Damascus jails, and the inquiry agreed that he had been tortured. He was freed in 2003.

terror suspect tortured – and was likely innocent
from editor and publisher: In fact, said the judge who led the probe, all the signs point to the fact Arar was innocent.

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