‘Trillion Dollar Conspiracy and the NWO’

Jim Marrs takes viewer on a stroll through American financial history in doc, Trillion Dollar Conspiracy and the NWO.”  It’s a nice way to learn about our country’s struggle against central banking from its very birth.   “According to Jim Marrs, America has become a zombie nation, going ‘through the motions in commerce, politics, health and education, but without a spark of life, verve, or enthu- siasm.’  For this he posits an enormous ‘money cult’ conspiracy involving New World Order culprits like the Trilateral Commission, John D. Rockefeller, the Illuminati, Bertelsmann, and the TSA,” informs You Tube summary.  Viewers not yet exposed to idea banking interests are puppet-masters behind  political intrigue in western civilization, it’s a must see video.

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