Truth About Illuminati -Luciferian Conspiracy

Purveyors of disinformation, a Luciferian Conspiracy, perseveres in its efforts to distract and preoccupy the profane, in order, to prevent any resistance  from forming that might stand in their way! A centuries old conspiracy conveys message to the public, UFOs represent extraterrestrial vehicles. The evidence conveys, according to researcher Jacques Vallee, so-called ETs, are instead extra-dimensional in origin – demons!  Vallee uses eyewitness reports of vehicles appearing and disappearing to make his case.  Truth About illuminati Documentary-Luciferian Conspiracy,” makes for incredible viewing!  The principal question for viewers, whether these are physical aliens or demonic spirits?  The present writer used to consider such questions absurd, but march to One World Order and bizarre behavior of leaders changed things!

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