US Nuclear Plants: Fukushima Tragedy to Happen Here

US Nuclear Plants: Fukushima Tragedy to Happen HerePopeye operates website FEDERALJACK.COM and discusses troubled US Nuclear Plants with Radchick on his Down the Rabbit Hole podcast, hour 1 and hour 2, Radchick reports two separate broken pipe incidents at different plants within few days, who suggests possibility of sabotage. The recent Byron Illinois reactor shutdown – local coverage on You Tubehome video here – shows steam heavily vented from secondary facility as well as unit 2. Another shutdown at San Onofre, CA plant is also discussed. These incidents should raise public concern as plants get on in years. Americans should be alert to possible mishaps to avoid same fate as Japan. Are Americans stupid enough to allow same thing to happen here? The present writer isn’t opposed to nuclear power but it needs to be operated safely, and when plants fall into disrepair, they demand attention to insure public safety! What’s grimmer to consider, is possibility, of an insurance scam to fund repairs that would otherwise cut into bottom line!

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