video: monkey mind-controlled robot

Witness the birth of our synth-simian overlords yourself…

monkey brain controls walking ‘bot
from danger room: When our robotic overlords finally do take over, there’s a decent chance they’ll do it with monkey brains. A few years back, Duke neuroscientists, funded by the Pentagon, figured out how to have monkeys control robotic arms with their little simian minds. Now, if that wasn’t unnerving enough, the same Duke crew has discovered a way for one of the monkeys to make “a 200-pound, 5-foot humanoid robot walk on a treadmill using only her brain activity,” the New York Times reports. How far away are we from the ultimate sci-fi dystopia: Terminator and Planet of the Apes – at the same time! And did we mention that these same researchers recently took out a patent on mind-controlled weapons?

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