Walter Bowart: Operation Mind Control Researcher’s Edition

Walter Bowart:  Operation Mind Control Researcher's Edition

Dave Emory, a San Francisco-based radio host, interviewed Walter Bowart in 1995 about the second edition of Operation Mind Control(link, first edition), an expanded 500 page researcher’s edition of original book from the late seventies. It must’ve been good stuff, as there was an alleged CIA attempt to block it. An excerpt from Second Edition of Operation Mind Control provides glimpse of content:

“On Halloween, 1979, at the Jerome Bar in Aspen, Colorado, I met a man who was a master at ‘Remote Viewing’. (His name is withheld by his request.) When he asked about my life I told him about my adventures promoting this book on a world tour. Most people, in those days, responded to my information about mind control with either disbelief or horror. He was most matter of fact and his response surprised me. ‘A friend dared me to remote view the inside of the supposed NORAD site within, I think it’s called Cheyenne Mountain outside Colorado Springs, I’ve never been there in my body. Now, what I do is something like what has been called “astral projection” or “out of body travel”,’ he explained.”

“It’s apparently different from what [Pat] Price or [Ingo] Swan did in that government supported remote viewing experiment at Stanford Research Institute. Well, I went out of my body and suddenly I was inside the NORAD tunnel inside the mountain. A bell went off and I was frozen, trapped by some ray. All I thought was ‘I’m dead! I’ll never get back to my body!’ I was aware of a lot of activity. Warning lights blinking, sirens blaring, security guards running around with weapons cocked. Then this one security chief comes up to me and aims some kind of device at me up where I’m trapped, near the ceiling of this tunnel. He reads the feedback and says, ‘Okay. You can let him go. It’s just another one of those sleepwalkers.’ And suddenly I was back inside my body. After that I thought about what I’d seen in one room off this tunnel.”

“‘I’d seen large half orbs stacked on top of each other like diminishing sized bicycle bells. And I realized that these were being used in an experiment which was designed to influence a local election somewhere in Florida. Later I saw a picture of a Tesla generator and it looked just like those stacked up bells. I think our secret government has some real Buck Rogers technologies to control us,’ he said. ‘I’d like to help you research your second book.’ I thought it would be clever to put a number of remote-viewers to work for the Bill of Rights for a change and against the cryptocracy. (Of course I’d still have to do all the follow-up research to prove what they saw.) So, I called Ingo Swan, the famous remote viewer who had participated in the SRI project. I asked him to repeat the view inside the mountain. I could hear the tremble in his voice when Ingo said, ‘They’re not all bad. The CIA people are not all bad people.'”

It’s definitely wild stuff!  Bowart secured with his book a place as pioneer in exposing reality of mind control to wider public, and also, treating its victims. A previous post can be read here.  An archive of Dave Emory shows are available here.

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