warwhores: mercenaries, afghanisurge & lewd behavior

state dept extends blackwater/dyncorp contracts in iraq*
state dept extends blackwater/dyncorp contracts in iraqflashback: dyncorp/halliburton sex slave scandal won’t go away*
blackwater prince accused in US district court of intent to kill*
poll: most americans oppose more troops for afghanistan*
US afghan strategy ‘not working’*
US to boost combat force in afghanistan*
ray mcgovern: afghanistan for dummies*
pentagon terminates controversial contract with rendon group*
military cancels controversial reporter-rating contract*
cia secret prisons organized from germany*
cia doctors face human experimentation claims*
boeing’s new death beam zaps vehicle*
trucks carrying nuclear weapons around the country revealed*
saic announces financial results for 2nd qtr of fiscal year 2010*
video: ‘lewd & deviant’ behavior by guards at US embassy in kabul*

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