Waste from Production of M&Ms Turns Local Honey Blue

Waste from Production of M&Ms Turns Local Honey Blue

from AllGov.com: M&Ms are a tasty treat for many, but not for beekeepers in northern France.

Agrivalor, a biogas plant that processes waste from the production of Mars candies, has contaminated local hives near the town of Ribeauvillé in Alsace in northeastern France. Beekeepers first noticed a problem when they discovered their honey turning shades of blue and green.

An investigation by the beekeepers revealed the bees were getting into M&M waste at Agrivalor. Presumably, the coloring came from the multicolored shells that encase M&Ms.

We discovered the problem at the same time they did. We quickly put in place a procedure to stop it,” Philippe Meinrad, the plant’s co-manager, told Reuters. The company has taken action to keep bees from accessing incoming waste, which arrives from a Mars factory about 60 miles away.

Beekeepers can’t sell the colored honey, which has only added to their troubles of honeybees dying off because of pesticides and a cold winter that impacted honey supplies.

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