What Caused Russian Asteroid To Disintegrate Before Impact?

What Caused Russian Asteroid To Disintegrate Before Impact?Yes, we’re all wondering about question in title to Harold Saive’s article, “What Caused Russian Asteroid To Disintegrate Before Impact?” Video (left) narrated by David Talbott, “Russian Meteor — Another Shock to the System,” provides electric universe interpretation – planet’s natural electrical defense – to explain meteor’s complete disintegration. Talbott explains meteor breakup as a natural albeit electrical phenomenon. The video also reveals meteor, is now believed, to be much larger than initial estimate of 10 tons – upwards of 7,000-10,000 tons. Saive offers novel interpretation of telescopic lens shot of meteor, which can only fascinate a conspiracy theorist’s imagination below.

“One haunting telescopic video clip of the meteor’s explosive destruction reveals what appears to be a piloted craft intersecting the meteor’s descent at blinding speed. Navigating to the far side, the craft appears to be responsible for the explosive demise of the meteor into smaller fragments. In the age of photoshop and image manipulation we might dismiss this clip as a hoax except for one thing; the explosion sent meteor fragments in only one direction and away from the alleged craft as one would expect if the meteor had been zapped with an energy weapon. The alleged craft materialized from what appeared to be a ‘cloaked’ state in order to blast the asteroid. Following the blast it appears the craft re-entered and remained in a cloaked state. But before disappearing, the craft emerged from behind the explosion and appeared to ‘wobble’ slightly as if affected by the shock wave.”

The present writer remains open even if unconvinced of above explanation. It’s hard to swallow, something as bright as Russian meteor, is simply, due to exploding gases! It could be a space battle at the break of dawn in Russia! The world is advised, in the meantime, to go back to sleep – nothing to see here – only a meteor!

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