what really happened to media monarchy

last month i installed a statcounter on the site and i was averaging about 100 hits a day.

but when michael rivero of what really happened linked to my post about 'racists all over the media,' the site got over 2,500 hits in a day and a half! so a big thanks goes out to michael as well as all of the others who linked to the page, like crescent & cross, progressive patriots and more...

now what's REALLY interesting is looking at who's visiting the page... not only has media monarchy had visits from seattle to sydney, but the site also gets visits from folks like the chase manhattan bank, harper-collins, the army corps of engineers, department of veterans affairs, oklahoma office of state finance, navy.mil (nctc), army.mil (usaisc-cecom), marine corps community services, drug enforcement admin & the world bank (in raleigh, nc)...

so, welcome aboard everyone!

  1. Anonymous

    April 20, 2007

    Welcome to the club…You will probally see lots of traffice from reston virginia…. big spook bases… Generaly dynamics, CACI, SAIC…LOL Its not like your telling them anything they don’t already know. LOL

    Keep up the great work!!!

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