When Cyber Command Pulls the Plug?

Dead Drops: When Cybercom pulls the net
When Cyber Command Pulls the Plug?Is there a dead drop in your future when Cyber Command pulls the plug on the net? Aram Bartholl suggests a how-to build an offline network using those old usb flash drives around the house. ‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. It’s 21st Century ingenuity and coolness all at once! Please check out the Dead Drops video on You Tube and add your dead drop to the list of locations and make your .pdf for the time when the net is no longer at your fingertips. There are dead drops in Melbourne, Paris, Ontario, New York and Germany.

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    I very much approve of this message. This is just the beginning, a jump off point to get the discussion going on think-tanking our next move in creating our alter-net. As soon as I posted the article, thoughts and video, it invariably brought out the negative trolls and virus comments, which was to be expected, yet most people can see it as the start of the idea process for the direction we need to go, to get that grey muscle flexing.

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